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These Shíoraí (pronounced shear-ree in the Munster dialect) Earrings, or 'eternal life' earrings, include two eternally interweaving celtic knots, which if you look closely, are actually two opposing triskeles! It represents the eternity of the universe, of eternal life and eternal love. This symbol is also known as a 'mystic knot' in the Vedic tradition, and originated in India as an emblem of Lakshmi on Vishnu's chest. It is unsurprising that it appears in Celtic symbolism as there exists an ancient link to Indo-European cultures, as people migrated from India across the continent and into the western isles thousands of years ago.



  • Sterling Silver Earwires
  • Antiqued Silver Plated Britannia pewter charms
  • Tasmanian made cotton drawstring jewellery bag
  • Recycled hand made paper thank you card with personal note and details of your chosen charity donation
  • Recycled and/or recylable and compostable packaging

Shíoraí Knot Earrings

Out of Stock
    • Keep away from moisture
    • Remove before entering water
    • Remove when sleeping
    • Remove when active
    • Allow perfumes and lotions to dry before wearing
    • Store in the cotton bag provided
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