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The Chartres Labyrinth was built by the Our Lady of Chartres college of priests around 1200 and has been a significant site of pilgrimage for centuries. The labyrinth’s centre is surrounded by a six lobed rosette, which was an ancient symbol from the east and was used to portray the nature of God in Sumerian, Babylonian, Jewish, and even Roman art. Pilgrims and curious visitors alike are invited to seek silence and peace through meditation on the labyrinth, pondering upon life and death, and on the cycles of one's existence as a whole. These shining discs glint beautifully in the sunlight (or moonlight!), reminding you to take a moment and find peace in your life.

(Image Credit:  Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth by Jeff Saward)


  • Sterling Silver or Gold Plated Surgical Steel Earwires
  • Antiqued Silver or Gold Plated Britannia pewter charms
  • Tasmanian made cotton drawstring jewellery bag
  • Recycled hand made paper thank you card with personal note and details of your chosen charity donation
  • Recycled and/or recylable and compostable packaging

Chartres Labyrinth Earrings

Out of Stock
    • Keep away from moisture
    • Remove before entering water
    • Remove when sleeping
    • Remove when active
    • Allow perfumes and lotions to dry before wearing
    • Store in the cotton bag provided
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