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The triquetra knot is widely accepted as being over five thousand years old and first appeared in Celtic culture during the seventh century in the emerging Insular art forms. It appears in the illuminated carpet pages of the Book of Kells and is found engraved in stone across the Celtic world. The three interweaving points could represent a variety of significant triads: land, sea and sky; birth, life and death; maiden, mother and crone; past, present and future; or the Holy Trinity. One thing we know for sure is that the Celts understood that three was a very mystical and powerful number! These triantánaí charms may be tiny, but they hold infinite symbolism and possibilities within them. The Australian made sterling silver sleepers are sturdy and remain firmly clasped shut once closed, thus make for a great no-fuss, daily wear.



  • Australian Made 10mm Sterling Silver sleepers or 10mm 22K Gold Plated Sterling Silver sleepers
  • Antiqued Silver Plated Britannia pewter charms or 22K Gold Plated Brittania pewter charms
  • Tasmanian made cotton drawstring jewellery bag
  • Recycled hand made paper thank you card with personal note and details of your chosen charity donation
  • Recycled and/or recylable and compostable packaging

Tiny Triantánaí Sleepers

Out of Stock
    • Keep away from moisture
    • Remove before entering water
    • Remove when active
    • Allow perfumes and lotions to dry before wearing
    • Store in the cotton bag provided
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